Kelly Schwarze

"Schwarze B. Withu"

Kelly Bio

Kelly started his movie career at a young age. Inspired by the likes of Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, Kelly has followed a career path of becoming not only a film director, but also a producer and businessman. Kelly’s latest feature film, Domicile, marks his sixth feature for which he has directed and produced. He has had multiple appearances in film festivals and has garnered multiple broadcast & festival awards. In 2008, Kelly and JP Franco cofounded ProWerks Media Group, which serviced several clients including UFC, Disney, Billboard, & Sony.

He and his wife, Charisma Schwarze, also launched their new studio the Indie Film Factory in 2012. The Indie Film Factory is a complete green screen capable studio that has hosted several shoots for all kinds of productions for television, film, photography and much more. Several different film & TV sets have been successfully hosted in the studio including anything from a dingy alley, to an underground cement bunker & laboratory, to a full-fledged bar, to a prison cell, to a full-sized sports news show. Its central location in Las Vegas makes it easy to access, and accommodates most moderate sized production needs.

In 2010 Kelly was nominated for an Emmy Nomination for his Vietnam documentary, Dad’s Vietnam: the War Experience of Greg Schwarze. Since then, the documentary has found success on Amazon Video which has touched viewers from all over the globe.

Kelly also has extensive experience in Broadcast, producing, directing and filming for several high profile clients & networks for television, music videos, commercials and more. In recent years, he directed a music video for Stacey Dash and Emcee N.I.C.E. entitled “Life of the Party.” He also teaches several filmmaking and production workshops, and is considered to be a highly acclaimed leader in the Indie film community in Las Vegas. In addition to operating and managing his two production businesses, he also dedicates very fall semester to teach young filmmakers at the College of Southern Nevada.