Our production team includes Emmy® nominated & Emmy®-award winners who can fulfill all of your needs to create a successful broadcast production.

Meet the Jedi

Anissa’s Definition of “Team Jedi”

“Some people have it, some people don’t.” Not everyone can be a Jedi. Possessing unsurpassed characteristics of loyalty, discipline, drive, and passion for their craft. We have a positive outlook, and contagious energy, are inspirational, trustworthy and hardworking, and execute with precision. Attitude is everything, and when a team has the same overall goal, and respects each other’s unique talents and vision, that’s the “force” that elevates any collaborative effort to success. Working long unconventional hours, more than likely up before you in the morning, and up after you late into the night, we go the extra mile to protect the brand we are representing, and operate for the greater good of the client’s vision which shows in the final product. “Jedi” are not easy to find, as it is not just about the talent within their respective craft, it is about living the mantra of continually raising the bar, exceeding the expectations from the last project, and showing an enthusiasm of encouragement for each other. Jedi don’t believe mediocrity is acceptable. The Jedi are game-changers.